Tagged Animal 

  • Anita Traverso Gallery: 25th April - 19th July 2015

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I have visited National Parks around the world in search of wild encounters with animals; India’s tigers, Africa’s lions, cheetahs and elephants, and the top end of Australia’s crocodiles and birdlife. I feel invigorated viewing wild animals. There is however one wildlife encounter I try to avoid. The animal that has been tagged for identification purposes or radio collared for tracking. When I see these tagged animals the wild encounter is compromised and I am reminded that wild places are managed, monitored and in some respects created by humans. 

In this body of work I explore these ideas by using post-production techniques to digitally add tags, collars and monitoring antennae to animals I have photographed in the wild. This re-contextualises the wild animal into one that has had contact with humans. Adding to this dislocation from the wild the animals are metaphorically removed from their environment and placed in bright colourful spaces. By ‘tagging’ the animal there is a fundamental shift in how the animal is perceived highlighting the role humans play in wild places.