Time lapse / Video

Dynamic timelapse sequences are created using mobile cameras that follow the action of your event. We have the ability to capture an event from up to 4 mobile angles. We also have the ability to attach small cameras to structures that are able to give angles of view previously unthought of. We also shoot video sequences to add dynamic camera movements to your stills or timelapse sequences. We have captured various events for Parks Victoria, VicRoads and Melbourne Water and recently for Desypher architects

Conceptual timelapse for Desypher architects

Aberfeldie Primary school video

I was Freelanced to the Timelapse Company to film the 4 day resurfacing of the Hidden Valley Racetrack in Darwin for Downer.

Video/ stills & timelapse for STREAT

Dynamic timelapse for Regional Rail Link

Dynamic timelapse for Melbourne water using 3 camera set up and GoPro

Dynamic timelapse for M80 upgrade using 3 camera set up and GoPro