PLC Science Precinct: Client Cox Architecture

Shooting architecture changes the way I instinctively like to shoot. Architecture requires a deliberate thoughtful approach where a tripod is used as a form of technique to create a larger dynamic range over a number of shots as well as a method to slow down the thought process. It's just not me! I like to watch and see how the light interacts with the colours and design of a scene and in turn how people fit into the context of the brief within that scene whilst making many many shots on the fly. My recent shoot for Cox architecture allowed me to be a fly on the wall in a fully functioning school environment. There was no tripod, there was no perfect positioning of students to fit in with a composition to aid the design and no staging of scenes. Instead I was asked to watch how the students used the architecture and in turn how the architecture influenced the students movement and behaviour. Thanks to Cox for the exciting brief!

RSPCA Burwood: Case study shoot for Kaeser Compressors

Photography has given me access to some incredible places. The RSPCA in Burwood is one of those such places where i was commissioned to shoot a case study for Kaeser air compressors. The RSPCA uses the compressors to manufacture Oxygen and so is used regularly during a typical day at a veterinary practice. You can check out the full story here: Kaeser case study