Wildlife photography in the Northern Territory

My first love in photography was wildlife photography. I've shot in Africa on a 10 week safari and spent three weeks deep in the jungles of India photographing wild tigers. However one of my favourite places I've photographed wildlife is in the top end of Oz, a haven for reptiles and birdlife. The last time i was in Darwin to view the wildlife was in 2006 when my wife and i drove our battered 1993 Subaru from Darwin to Broome over 7 weeks after having our car bought up on a truck from Melbourne. 

So when I was able to 'go bush' recently when a couple of days were cancelled on a recent 10 day commercial shoot in Darwin i was jumping out of my skin with excitement! I hired my own boat and was able to see some incredible animals on the Mary River in the Mary River National Park just outside of Kakadu. The Mary River is home to the biggest concentration of Saltwater crocodiles anywhere in the world and it lived up to expectations with a stack of sightings. I was also privileged to see birds such as the Rainbow bee-eater, a white bellied Sea Eagle capture and tear apart a fish and the massive Jabiru in flight. What a place, an hours drive out of Darwin but a million miles from my regular head space. I can't wait to go back - it is such a remarkable experience that doesn't leave you for quite some time.