Post Entry Quarantine Facility: Client Leighton Contractors

PEQF (Post Entry Quarantine Facility) was not an acronym I had heard of until I was commissioned to shoot it's new facility that has risen stealth like from the plains of Craigieburn. It's purpose?  Australia is free of many diseases and pests that exist in other countries. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources operates post entry quarantine facilities to help maintain the integrity of Australia’s biosecurity. Animals and plants are not released into Australia until they have fulfilled quarantine requirements – this often includes a period of quarantine at PEQ facilities to ensure animals and plants are free from pests and diseases.

Image library upgrade: Client - City of Port Phillip

 On a gorgeous summer evening I spent a number of hours capturing the sights of Stkilda and the bay for my long term client the City of Port Phillip. Some beautiful light made for some spectacular images and the Eureka tower decided to put on an incredible show reflecting light high into the sky.

Client: Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne

Seeing Red and only red. I had a wonderful opportunity to shoot the recently opened auditorium at the Shrine of Remembrance yesterday. The interior is made up of the colour red signifying the red poppy and its walls are made up of 3D wooden panelling in the shape of an origami peace bird. Its beautiful, and the intensity of the experience being surrounded by red for two hours will stay with me for a long time. 

Melbourne's newest lane - Wren Lane

I love music and i love photography. Recently my commercial photography world and my love of music combined when i was asked to photograph the new Wren Lane. A laneway situated behind Festival Hall. It features some beautiful images set into light boxes of some Australian artists who have performed at the 'House of Stoush' or as it is also know 'Festy Hall'. Check it out the next time you are heading to a gig there.