Adapting in Alice

I was lucky enough to be commissioned to shoot an interior in Alice Springs recently. After consulting with the boss (beautiful understanding wife of a photographer) I managed to grab a few days after the shoot to indulge my love of the landscape. I spent 3 days heading east and west of Alice in search of what i didn't really know. In my photographic art I don't choose a topic or direction I simply follow my nose and where and what i end up with becomes dependant on my connection with a place. Of course a 'connection' can be anything at any time and is reliant on my state of mind, my energy and my subconscious at the time of which I only really get a handle on when looking back over the images. It seems I have been making connections with structures perhaps as a result of my concerted push into architecture photography. However when looking at the landscapes captured I found similarities in composition, structure and tonality. It seems my style merely adapts to the subject matter notably using the vertical format and graphic lines.

Red dots

Very happy to announce i just sold 2 pieces at the Four elements: Earth exhibition at Photonet Gallery. It always nice to make a sale and think that my work is adorning the walls of someones home or office and bringing them some joy!  The 2 images I sold were Omphalion and 4.5 billion years.



4.5 Billion years

4.5 Billion years

Four elements: EARTH exhibtion

The fourth in a series of group exhibitions on the theme of the elements features the work of 9 photographers including my good self (Christian Pearson!), Judith Crispin and Kallena Kucers.   

The 6 images i have chosen to hang feature intimate images that poetically describe my connection to the earth. The images purposely give little indication of size or scale, leaving to the viewer the decision as to the reality of the objects place in the world. 

Be sure to check them out in the flesh beautifully printed on museo cotton rag at the intimate size of A3 (420x297mm). 

The show is to be opened by David Weil (Landcare consultant on Sunday 2nd June 4-6pm and everyone is welcome! 

Here are the details: Photonet Gallery

15a Railway Place, Fairfield

Hours: Wed - Sat 10-4 & Sun 12-4

Dates: Sun June 2 - Sat June 22

Photographing an ANZAC ceremony

It is always a challenge to photograph any event. To get a great image you will need to be present at all moments of significance and blending in will be nigh impossible. The photographer will get the best seat in the house but with that comes a very visible presence.

Last weekend I was commissioned to photograph an Anzac ceremony for Parks Victoria at the newly opened Kokoda memorial wall in the Dandenongs Ranges replete with the last post and catafalque party. The silence and reverence of such an occasion only adds to the conspicuous nature of what i am trying to capture and I feel like I am the only one who is allowed to be separate yet a very visible part of the occasion.  As a photographer I need to feel the magnitude of an occasion in order to capture its most moving moments. I need to be very switched on to a constantly changing and moving frame and so keeping up with an order of proceedings is paramount to not missing an integral image to the story of an event.