When art and work collide

As a student of photography at Photography Studies College (PSC), I always thought I had a good idea of how my life making photos was going to pan out. I studied fine art and I shunned anything that was remotely commercial at my development as a photographers expense. Gradually, after I left the bosom of PSC i realised I had wasted a lot of my time at school not learning how to make a go at being a professional photographer. I had a few solo exhibitions and generally was having fun but my early morning job as a cleaner and my late night finishes teaching photography at the CAE wasn't the photographic dream i'd hoped it to be. And so I embarked on working out what I wanted to shoot as a job and who for.


I marketed myself to my chosen organisations and little by little gained a small reputation for the way i dealt with my clients as well as the standard of my images. Eventually the cleaning job was dropped and then the teaching at the CAE and suddenly the fine art snob photographer had come full circle and was now a fully fledged commercial photographer! It was only then that I also came to the conclusion that even when I have my commercial hat on I invariably see and feel the art in the surroundings I shoot in. In my latest solo exhibition 'Art of the underground', this has never been more true. I believe the documentation of the construction of our cities is a valuable addition to the heritage of our past. My images of the 2000's will represent the way we worked, and put a stamp on the activities of a time just as the great Wolfgang Sievers images represent the 50's and 60's. I have some very large shoes to even attempt to fill but I am ready with both hats on to meet the needs of my client and create historically significant images in a creative way.

Melbourne Water presents: Christian Pearson - Art of the underground

Take a journey into the surreal world of construction under Melbourne's feet

National Trust Tasma Gallery

4 Parliament Place, East Melbourne

Opening night: Thursday 19th July 6-8pm - all welcome

Dates: July 17th – August 17th 2012

Hours: 9-5pm Mon-Fri

As part of Open House Melbourne the gallery will also be open 10-4pm Sat 28th & Sun 29th July 10-4pm.