M2 Motorway Kinetica Sculpture - Client: Transurban

Misheye image was commissioned to create images of the recently completed Kinetica urban sculpture installation on the M2 Motorway in Sydney for our long time client Transurban. We headed out late at night to shoot it with the LED light installation turned on just for us and then again in the morning and we were lucky enough to be greeted with perfect blue skies as a backdrop!

Residential Environment Scorecard photography - CLIENT: DEWLP

Misheye image was commissioned to create images for DEWLP's environmental scorecard program. This took us to five locations over the course of a three day shoot. We were engaged to manage the talent and to shoot whilst the client provided the locations. 

Black tipped reef sharks beaching: Client Australian Geographic

So excited to have one of my all time favourite publications Australian Geographic publish my work. Black tipped reef sharks hunting co-operatively is not something that is often seen or recorded whilst seeing them beach themselves in the process and being there to record it by camera is simply incredible. As one of my close friends once told me 'the harder you work the luckier you get' and I couldn't agree more! Click here to read and view the article Australian Geographic black tipped reef sharks beaching

CityLink Tulla Widening Project: Client CPB / Transurban

My long term client CPB (formerly Leighton Contractors) and Transurban has commissioned monthly photography progress shoots by Misheye, documenting the construction and people working on the major infrastructure project for Melbourne - the CityLink Tulla Widening project. The imagery is an integral part of communicating to the wider public what works are taking place and longer term are a legacy that records the ever changing face of Melbourne. For more information on the project and to see how the images are being used go to CityLink Tulla Widening

Lizard Island Food & Wine Event: Client Delaware North

Recently I had the incredible opportunity to shoot an event in the most beautiful of locations; Lizard Island in far north Queensland smack bang in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. My brief was to photograph the four day event from the perspective of one of the attendees all the while making sure in my downtime I was able to photograph the islands natural wonders. The event showcased the work of three world class chefs and the wine and champagne accompaniment was provide by Giaconda and Krug. 

Images from out the back of Broken Hill and Lake Mungo

Holidays for me mean getting away and finding space to breathe. Nothing provides that sense better than the outback of Australia. Big blue skies, large expanses of nothingness. It is liberating, exhilarating and makes my soul sing. This selection of images are from a recent trip I took with my wife and kids to Broken hill and the incredible Lake Mungo.   

PLC Science Precinct: Client Cox Architecture

Shooting architecture changes the way I instinctively like to shoot. Architecture requires a deliberate thoughtful approach where a tripod is used as a form of technique to create a larger dynamic range over a number of shots as well as a method to slow down the thought process. It's just not me! I like to watch and see how the light interacts with the colours and design of a scene and in turn how people fit into the context of the brief within that scene whilst making many many shots on the fly. My recent shoot for Cox architecture allowed me to be a fly on the wall in a fully functioning school environment. There was no tripod, there was no perfect positioning of students to fit in with a composition to aid the design and no staging of scenes. Instead I was asked to watch how the students used the architecture and in turn how the architecture influenced the students movement and behaviour. Thanks to Cox for the exciting brief!

Post Entry Quarantine Facility: Client Leighton Contractors

PEQF (Post Entry Quarantine Facility) was not an acronym I had heard of until I was commissioned to shoot it's new facility that has risen stealth like from the plains of Craigieburn. It's purpose?  Australia is free of many diseases and pests that exist in other countries. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources operates post entry quarantine facilities to help maintain the integrity of Australia’s biosecurity. Animals and plants are not released into Australia until they have fulfilled quarantine requirements – this often includes a period of quarantine at PEQ facilities to ensure animals and plants are free from pests and diseases.

RSPCA Burwood: Case study shoot for Kaeser Compressors

Photography has given me access to some incredible places. The RSPCA in Burwood is one of those such places where i was commissioned to shoot a case study for Kaeser air compressors. The RSPCA uses the compressors to manufacture Oxygen and so is used regularly during a typical day at a veterinary practice. You can check out the full story here: Kaeser case study

Image library upgrade: Client - City of Port Phillip

 On a gorgeous summer evening I spent a number of hours capturing the sights of Stkilda and the bay for my long term client the City of Port Phillip. Some beautiful light made for some spectacular images and the Eureka tower decided to put on an incredible show reflecting light high into the sky.

Update library of images for annual reports, web and social media. Client: Yooralla

Yooralla is one of Australia’s largest non-profit disability services organisations in Australia, supporting over 30,000 Victorians living with a disability. It is a privilege to meet and photograph some of the many people Yooralla supports. 

Anita Traverso Gallery: 3 Artwork sales

It's always exciting to make a sale on my art. These 3 pieces have new homes to go to. With thanks to Anita Traverso gallery for your support and confidence in my work. 


Sydney Opera House forecourt: Client John Holland

The biggest challenge on this shoot for John Holland was trying not to be distracted by the Sydney Opera House whilst shooting the painstakingly restored and upgraded forecourt. I decided to concentrate on the beautiful patterns the strong light was producing and contrast its repetition with the silhouettes of the passing parade of people at midday in Sydney.

Wildlife photography in the Northern Territory

My first love in photography was wildlife photography. I've shot in Africa on a 10 week safari and spent three weeks deep in the jungles of India photographing wild tigers. However one of my favourite places I've photographed wildlife is in the top end of Oz, a haven for reptiles and birdlife. The last time i was in Darwin to view the wildlife was in 2006 when my wife and i drove our battered 1993 Subaru from Darwin to Broome over 7 weeks after having our car bought up on a truck from Melbourne. 

So when I was able to 'go bush' recently when a couple of days were cancelled on a recent 10 day commercial shoot in Darwin i was jumping out of my skin with excitement! I hired my own boat and was able to see some incredible animals on the Mary River in the Mary River National Park just outside of Kakadu. The Mary River is home to the biggest concentration of Saltwater crocodiles anywhere in the world and it lived up to expectations with a stack of sightings. I was also privileged to see birds such as the Rainbow bee-eater, a white bellied Sea Eagle capture and tear apart a fish and the massive Jabiru in flight. What a place, an hours drive out of Darwin but a million miles from my regular head space. I can't wait to go back - it is such a remarkable experience that doesn't leave you for quite some time. 

Client: Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne

Seeing Red and only red. I had a wonderful opportunity to shoot the recently opened auditorium at the Shrine of Remembrance yesterday. The interior is made up of the colour red signifying the red poppy and its walls are made up of 3D wooden panelling in the shape of an origami peace bird. Its beautiful, and the intensity of the experience being surrounded by red for two hours will stay with me for a long time. 

Two prints find a new home

Its always nice to sell work. Makes all the hard work worthwhile and gives an artist a real injection of confidence. Ringwood & Warrandyte Osteopathy recently purchased 2 images from the Conversations with the land series to hang in their reception area. Nice to think they are adding to the mood of a room in front of an ever changing audience. Thanks to Rick and Sharni - pay them a visit the next time you want that crease ironed out of your neck (or you want to check out some art in the flesh)!  Ringwood & Warrandyte Osteopathy

The first week in August (left)

Symphonic fog (right)

Broadsheet Melbourne interview

Had a really nice interview with Toby Fehily at Broadsheet Melbourne on my Industrial Graffiti exhibition. I like the title he's given it - Capturing the marks that make monuments. http://www.broadsheet.com.au/melbourne/admin#/melbourne/arts-and-entertainment/article/capturing-the-marks-that-make-monuments