Ephemeral nature

  • Intrude Contemporary art - Melbourne 2004

Seemingly random combinations of life and death existing at arbitrary moments give nature an ephemeral aura. It is an aura that fixates the senses with beauty, horror and drama.

Moments of solitude in the natural environment can be profound. This is reason enough for us to try to capture nature on film, take parts of it home with us, make it less dangerous, more predictable and essentially recreate nature so as to put it on display. The accessibility of this now controlled version of nature, allows for new and repeated experiences that may never have been possible. To control nature however is to curb its very essence - its ephemeral aura. The potential for profound experience is diminished.

I have endeavored to give these photographs of nature an ephemeral aura. I have done this via marking the surface of the images in a free and seemingly chaotic way. This is a deliberate attempt to subvert the precious connotations usually associated with the photographic print. Treating the image in such a way I seek to pay little respect to the photographic ideals of controlling the moment. As a consequence these ‘moments’ appear to have a sense of impermanence, they are in a state of transition. The arbitrary moment from nature captured on film no longer has the boundaries of time that photography imposes on its subjects. This gives rise to the ephemeral aura of the images.